Willies Tri Pro Protein Powder Testimonials

Katy Wayman-White

Katy Holmes

I have used Willies Tri-Pro for the past several years. It mixes well with everything and taste great. It helps me continue to improve as a drug-free bodybuilder. It is a great supplement to my diet. It will be the anchor of my supplements as I prepare for my Professional Bodybuilding Contest in the years to come. Read More...

Marla Battles

marla battles

By far the best protein I have ever had, hands down, no comparison! It mixes amazing in water, never a lump or gritty stuff left in the bottom. It has no bitter aftertaste, it’s creamy and the taste, well let’s just say it tastes like something I shouldn’t be eating when contest dieting. Read More...

Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

I have tried many protein drinks over the years and have found that Willie’s Tri-Pro tastes the best and mixes completely with ease. Tri-Pro is easily digested and assimilated. I can tell that Tri-Pro was designed with quality as its #1 priority because I have never received an upset or bloated stomach like I get with some drinks that use harsh flavors and fillers. In addition, I want to make sure that my clients and I are not only getting in enough protein but assimilating a large profile of amino acids, and Willie’sTri-Pro does this. Read More...

Katherine Clark

katherine clark

I started drinking Willie’s Tri-Pro in 2009.  My absolute favorite is the Matcha Green Tea Protein.  The very first time I used it – I noticed a difference in my mood, energy and performance during that day’s workout. Read More 

Leonetta "Leo" Richardson

katherine clark

Since being on Willies Protein my energy levels have increased, my strength levels are off the charts and I’m getting leaner. Willies Protein has done the impossible by producing a protein that tastes great, easy to mix and effective. Read More 

Jon Daulbaugh

Being a Personal Trainer myself, I know the importance of protein in a weight training diet. Before becoming a Certified Fitness Trainer, I’m ashamed to say, that I fell for every “muscle building breakthrough” in every muscle magazine on the shelf. These so called “wonder products” took hundreds from my pocket, and didn’t put an ounce on my lean 155 pound frame. Read More...

Marga Martin

Marga Martin

Willies Tri Pro Protein Powder taste great, blends well (no clumps), and contains high quality protein. I have tried many different types of protein powders and this product is by far the best. I actually look forward to having it in the morning and after my workouts. Read More...

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