Tri-Pro Green Tea 5lb

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willies tripro green te
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Build Strength Build Energy

Willie’s Tripro Protein is the all-natural, great tasting, nutritious way to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle in our fast-paced world. If you donít have time to eat and need extra energy and stamina, Willieís is your fast-food alternative.

Our new blended Protein with Match green tea offers a powerful "1.2 punch". A smooth combonation of Willies TRIPRO vanilla and the highest quality Japanese green tea powder on the market. Zen Matcha is concentrated 9-micron size tea powder. It is filled with chlorophyll, amino acids and Phytonutrients. Chlorophyll hellps detoxify blood and toxins in the liver. Amino acids help to calm the body and reduce stress levels, simultaneously increasing mental alertness, and focus. Phtonutrients help to ward off viral infections. Matcha green tea in studies has been proven to be a good antiviral antibiotic. Not to mention, 137 times more immune boosting calechins, increasing metabolism by up to 40-45% to help facilitate weight loss, amd more anti-oxidant than blueberries.

The new Willies TRIPRO protein powder with Matcha Green Tea is a healthy protein supplement with powerful all natural energy boosting nutrients.


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