Leonetta “Leo” Richardson

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Leonetta Leo Richardson

Since being on Willies Protein my energy levels have increased, my strength levels are off the charts and I’m getting leaner. Willies Protein has done the impossible by producing a protein that tastes great, easy to mix and effective!

My favorite Willies products are the TriPro Green Tea 5lb bag, TriPro Vanilla 5lb bag and DoMatcha Green Tea Powder.

My Willies Regiment: I start everyday with 4 heaping scoops of TriPro Green Tea with 2 servings of DoMatcha powder.

One hour before my workouts I have another 4 heaping scoops of TriPro Green Tea. On non workout days I have 4 heaping scoops of TriPro Vanilla.

Before bed I have 4 scoops of TriPro Vanilla.

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