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marla battlesI’ve been a personal trainer for 26 years and I’m a pro natural figure competitor and a promoter so I’ve tried my share of protein powders over the years. In order to get good flavor and consistency, even mixed with water, the choices are those with high calories, high sugar or fat, or tons of artificial sweeteners. In my book, none of those are great options. I’ve found a few that are acceptable, no bells and whistles, mind you, they just get the job done. So, when my friend and fellow athlete Katy told me she uses Willie’s Tri-Pro, I didn’t give it much thought. It was yet another in a long line of protein powders. It wasn’t until the day of the bodybuilding show that I promoted, (Willie’s Tri-Pro had a booth at my show and he was handing out samples of chocolate and vanilla), that I finally tried it. Without sounding too crazy or dramatic, can I just say OMG! By far the best protein I have ever had, hands down, no comparison! It mixes amazing in water, never a lump or gritty stuff left in the bottom. It has no bitter aftertaste, it’s creamy and the taste, well let’s just say it tastes like something I shouldn’t be eating when contest dieting. I love that there’s three different proteins in it, it covers all the bases. And no sucralose or aspartame, yay! That’s tough to find. It’s a great healthy blend of ingredients, it’s filling and yet never leaves me feeling bloated, and even better, it’s made right here in beautiful Washington. It doesn’t get any better than that. Oh, wait, yes it does, because on a side-note, it comes in these great heavy duty double-bagged Ziplocs. They pack like a dream in my suitcase which may be a minor thing to some, but to me the frequent flier, it’s been great. 

So, after years of trial and error, or at least trial and acceptance, I’ve found the best protein on the planet. My thanks to Katy for the introduction, and to Willie’s Tri-Pro for making my contest diet a whole lot more enjoyable. And here’s to the off-season when Tri-Pro helps to create an even better me in the gym!

Marla Battles

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